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Subject: David Hedden has invited you to test Stroke Rate Stopwatch.

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App Description

Stopwatch Features
- Big Buttons that are forgiving of your terrible thumb aim.
- Button Haptics that let you know you actually hit the right button
without having to look. In settings, you can choose which buttons to
put haptics on.
- Stroke Count Button to track & save stroke counts for each lap.
Stroke counts for each lap are displayed in the Lap Display. Count
button works with or without the timer running.
- Stroke Rate Button to track & save stroke rates. The median stroke
rate for each lap is displayed in the Lap Display. Tap the lap row to
view all the stroke rates for that lap. In settings, choose a 1, 2 or
3 cycle base. When set to 1 cycle, the stroke count & stroke rate are
combined into one button that tracks both together. Also in settings,
choose either Seconds Per Cycle or Cycles Per Minute as units. Stroke
rate button works with or without the timer running.
- Miss the start?  Tap the Add :05 Button a couple times and then
start your watch on the :10. Now you’re all synced up with the clock!
- The Alt Lap column in the Lap Display will add the last two splits
for you. So now you can take 50 splits and have the 100 splits
calculated for you, or take 25 splits and have the 50’s calculated for
you, etc.
- Tap the Save Button to save race data to recall later. Tap the
Folder Button to view previously saved data. The ability to share race
data and add labels for quick reference will be added later.

The TestFlight <https://testflight.apple.com/a> app must be installed on
your iOS device using 13.0 or later, or Apple TV using tvOS 13.0 or later.

By using Stroke Rate Stopwatch, you agree that crash data as well as
statistics about how you use Stroke Rate Stopwatch will be provided to
David Hedden and linked to your email address. David Hedden may contact you
regarding this information. Review the TestFlight Terms and Conditions, as
well as the terms, policies, and practices of David Hedden. Beta versions
of apps may crash or result in data loss.

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