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Mark, It's your turn
All day "Hack the Web" Hackathon

Today I’ve got another exciting schedule addition for our April conference
to announce. The Day 2 Workshop – All day “Hack the Web” Hackathon! It’s
your turn to shine. You could win one of 4 tasty prizes, just by getting
creative with the web app we built together on Day 1.

The Day 2 workshop track will be your opportunity to show off your skills,
with a solid foundation of learning to build on from Day 1. You don't have
to have attended the Day 1 course however, we'll provide the built app from
that course as your starting point. Anyone signed up to the Workshop track
can enter, and there will be a special "Best Beginner" prize for novices
submitting entries. To qualify as a Beginner you must have held a LiveCode
license for less than a year. You will spend all day improving the app
built in Day 1, with guidance from our experts.
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