[om-announce] simplified installation instructions for debian, openbsd

see <a href="http://www.onemodel.org">www.onemodel.org</a> om-announce at onemodel.org
Sat Jan 23 17:13:25 EST 2016

I just posted updated instructions for debian, openbsd, so it should be 
possible to install without reading the entire INSTALLING doc.

I've also made many web site updates in the last couple of months.

Luke A. Call
A Free, fast personal organizer for touch typists:  if you ever liked 
to-do list programs, collapsible outlines, or emacs org-mode, you might 
love this: http://www.onemodel.org (no mobile support yet).

Things I'd like to say to more people:  (updated 2016-1-9)
http://www.onemodel.org/1/e-9223372036854618449.html .

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