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Rob Seaman seaman at noao.edu
Sat Jun 6 13:54:47 EDT 2015

Howdy TDA working group,

Now that the semester has ended we should start to focus on activities for the working group.  These will carry us through the 2015 IAU General Assembly and into what one expects to be a very busy triennium.  This is your WG and priorities, but a few general types of activities have already suggested themselves:

	1) organizing and promoting meetings and workshops

	All science disciplines thrive on face-to-face discussions and debate. The time domain more than most due to its intense dependency of diverse hardware and software technologies and coordinated observing modes. This WG will not only provide a forum for advertising your workshops, but can also serve a coordinating role to optimize the ensemble of community time domain meetings, for just one example by avoiding scheduling conflicts starting early in the process.

	2) popularizing topical blogs and mailing lists

	This mailing list is for topics of general interest to the WG (and your submissions are welcome).  Detailed discussions of issues specific to a narrower sub-community will likely be more appropriate in some other blog or mailing list.  We can create these as needed, but pre-existing fora pertinent to different time domain use cases are welcome to advertise here.

	3) online resources

	The Hotwired resource list (below) is a start at a comprehensive index to ground and space-based time domain projects, surveys, archives, software, online services and etc.  There are many essential resources listed, and undoubtedly many still missing.  Your additions will make it a stronger resource.

	4) reading lists

	The resource list also includes a start at an initial time domain reading list.  These are preprints and papers that have caught my eye over the past few months.  My selection is obviously going to be tilted toward my own personal interests and responsibilities.

Hotwired resource list: http://timedomainastronomy.net/resources.html <http://timedomainastronomy.net/resources.html>

Many people have contibuted to the current resource list and your continued submissions in categories 1-3 (that is, meeting announcements, blog advertisements, resource URLs) will always be most welcome.

Right now I would appreciate a few volunteers to focus on developing the current single reading list into a richer experience.  Some possible directions this could go:

user interface improvements
layer the list(s) on a database
create additional preprint lists (not just my preferences, but other list members)
create topical lists, i.e., fundamental papers and technical references pertinent to GRBs, GWs, long-baseline photography, time-series analysis, etc and so forth
or simply links to external reading lists or arXiv / ADS query services

As far as scavenging new preprints, daily contributions would not be too frequent, but weekly should certainly suffice.  If there are significant sources of time domain preprints outside of astro-ph, it would be good to link to these as well.  Some attempt at keeping up with the literature life cycle would ultimately be desirable, e.g., updating preprint entries when the final paper is published.  (Or noting instances of papers being withdrawn.)  If ADS or other sites provide tools for this then we certainly need not reinvent the wheel.

Any takers?  For that matter, any suggestions for improvements?  Thanks!

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