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Rob Seaman seaman at lpl.arizona.edu
Mon Mar 7 22:20:03 EST 2016

Hello IAU Time Domain WG,

A few items:

1) The TDA WG now stands at 153 members, of which 129 appear on the official list:

	 http://www.iau.org/science/scientific_bodies/working_groups/260/members/ <http://www.iau.org/science/scientific_bodies/working_groups/260/members/>

Please let me know if yours is one of the two dozen names still missing and I will pass it on as an IAU member or associate.

2) The group home page (http://timedomainastronomy.net) is intentionally simple, but can be used by members to provide notice of upcoming events or to highlight key URLs:

	 http://timedomainastronomy.net/resources.html <http://timedomainastronomy.net/resources.html>

The preprint list is getting long and will be reorganized soon (maybe via calls to the arXiv API) but in the mean time links to your publications – or to favorite TDA papers from others – are encouraged. My script will turn your arXiv IDs into HTML.

3) The resource list includes links to dozens of time domain symposia and workshops. As the time approaches, announcements will flow for Hot-wiring the Transient Universe V (http://hotwireduniverse.org), in October 2016, and the proposed 2017 symposium Southern Horizons in Time Domain Astronomy.

Time Domain Astronomy covers a great diversity of scientific research and methods, yet all TDA communities share a critical dependency on esoteric timescales and precise timekeeping. One upcoming symposium, The Science of Time, will provide a rare opportunity for researchers who depend on time as an independent variable to interact directly with those responsible for managing it as a dependent one:


Hosted by the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, The Science of Time (Time in Astronomy & Society - Past, Present and Future) will explore the rich science and history of time from Harrison's chronometer to today's atomic clocks and pulsar observations. At the same time the program will set the stage for future time standards and a tutorial of timekeeping best practices. Members of the TDA WG are encouraged to attend; your abstracts will multiply the program’s impact.

Rob Seaman
Catalina Sky Survey, LPL
Chair, IAU Div B TDA WG

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