[Thali-talk] FW: [jxcore] Nubisa halting active development on JXcore platform (#870)

Yaron Goland yarong at microsoft.com
Tue Mar 29 12:54:41 EDT 2016

With this announcement Nubisa will no longer be working on JXcore. They will only accept bug fixes and no new features, they will also not be releasing any new binaries.

Obviously I’m really bummed this happened and I wish the Nubisa folks the best. They have been amazing supporters of Thali and in fact the very last feature accepted to JXcore was PSK support that Shawn Cicoria working for Thali submitted.

Thali has a hard dependency on JXcore. So for now we are building our own binaries. https://github.com/thaliproject/jxbuild, put together by Shawn, contains instructions for building the version of JXcore we need as well as a place to get our binaries. Anyone who uses Thali’s install scripts will have these binaries pulled in automatically. Note however, as always, that we are an incubation. We can’t really support anyone. So while anyone who wants to can grab those binaries we don’t have any way to really fix issues. Of course we do love PRs. ☺



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Nubisa halting active development on JXcore platform


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  *   Nubisa halting active development on JXcore platform

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