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Pi 400 HAT Base, Mini Speakers, Keyboard add-on, Cluster Cases and MORE!
New Products!

*NEW STUFF!* We've added LOTS of new products to the store over the last
week - we're making the elves look lazy!

We've got the Maker HAT Base for the Raspberry Pi 400
now on the shelves, a handy board for using a HAT with the Pi 400 including
some really useful features.

We also have a new Maple Wood Mini Bluetooth Speaker
a compact Raspberry Pi compatible speaker packing a big punch in a tiny

The Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W
is *back in stock* just in time for Crimbo, and we'll have more of our
pre-soldered versions back in stock soon.

Other new items include a keyboard add-on for our Raspberry Pi touchscreen
cases, the LAB:bit for the micro:bit, new cluster cases and some very
special items coming soon!
To the Store!
This Week's New Products
Maker HAT Base for Raspberry Pi 400

Use HATs and components with the Pi 400 with ease!

The Maker HAT Base extends out all of the Raspberry Pi 400 GPIO pins to a
prototyping deck, which is super handy for using a Raspberry Pi HAT or
building your own simple circuit on the mini breadboard.

Each GPIO pin is clearly labelled and include status LEDs to
help with troubleshooting. The buzzer and push buttons allow you to start
coding without the need to build your own circuit.

Want to connect to some external sensors/modules? Onboard Grove ports are
included too!
Buy a Maker HAT Base
Mini Bluetooth Speaker for Raspberry Pi

Small and loud - like some of our children this time of year!
Don't be fooled by its size - our FSC Certified Maple Wood Mini Bluetooth
Speaker packs a real punch and is a great audio companion for
your Raspberry Pi, working perfectly with the built-in Bluetooth on the
Raspberry Pi 4, Zero 2 and Pi 400!
Buy a Mini Bluetooth Speaker
Bluetooth Keyboard & Bracket for OneNineDesign Touchscreen Case

Create a compact Raspberry Pi workstation!

This clever Bluetooth keyboard and bracket kit allows you to add a compact
keyboard to your OneNineDesign Raspberry Pi 4 Touchscreen Case

The bracket screws into the fixing points on the bottom of your touchscreen
case to create a compact workstation setup for your Raspberry Pi 4!
Buy a Bluetooth Keyboard & Bracket
LAB:bit Educational Platform for micro:bit

A fun way for kids to learn about coding with their micro:bit!

Slot your BBC micro:bit into the LAB:bit and use the board's vast array of
features to learn how to code *the fun way*.

Includes a motor, ultrasonic sensor, 2 buttons, microphone, speaker,
8 LEDs, potentiometer, traffic light and Dice LEDs!

There's also a protective cover, clip-able pads for attaching additional
motors, buttons orswitches, colour changing power LEDS, reset button access
and rubber feet.
Buy a LAB:bit
Coming Soon!

These items are coming soon - very soon! If you'd like to know when they're
available, head to the product's page and click the 'Notify Me' button -
we'll email as soon as they hit our shelves.
Retroflag PiStation case for Raspberry Pi 4

>From the makers of the SUPERPi 4 comes the brand new PiStation retro gaming
case for the Raspberry Pi 4, paying homage to one of the most
iconic consoles ever made.
Notify Me!
*LIMITED EDITION* Arduino Uno Mini

A collector’s item for serious Arduino lovers. It’s a miniaturised but
fully functioning version of the well-known Arduino UNO, in a *special
livery and packaging*. A limited quantity will be available!
Notify Me!
More New Products
[image: Metal Cluster Rack Case for the Raspberry Pi]
Metal Cluster Rack Case for the Raspberry Pi
[image: Complete Enclosure for Raspberry Pi Clusters]
Complete Enclosure for Raspberry Pi Clusters
[image: Seeeduino XIAO RP2040 Microcontroller]
Seeeduino XIAO RP2040 Microcontroller
[image: DIN Rail Mount for Raspberry Pi, Zero, Pico and Arduino]
DIN Rail Mount for Raspberry Pi, Zero, Pico and Arduino

*There are even more* new products in the store, and more coming next week
too - keep an eye on our Raspberry Pi
, Arduino
, micro:bit
 and Maker
product sections.
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