[TDA_wg] Hotwired IV and taming complexity

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Am totally with Elizabeth's point and this is an opportunity to make big
gains in those technologies. Great to have delightful and hot reports from
HotWired... - Prajval

On 14 May 2015 at 20:46, Griffin, Elizabeth <
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> Hi Rob,
> Delighted to know that things are moving swimmingly at Hotwired IV.  The
> proposed TDA movements will certainly benefit with such an enthusiastic and
> energetic embryo.
> Just one teeny point.  Mine might be a lone voice in the Hotwired
> community, but I do feel the need to whisper somewhere that transients are
> not quite the whole story behind TDA.  Of course, if you go to some
> "astronomy heritage" gathering you won't hear quite so much about
> transients and rather more about time-scales of 100 years or more and of
> different technologies required to interpret them.  We are all part of the
> same scene, and it is perhaps not a bad idea to keep in mind the essential
> breadth of that scene before one set - whichever - assumes that it is the
> majority one!
> I hope the remaining 2 H/w days will be equally great!
> Elizabeth Griffin
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> Subject: [TDA_wg] Hotwired IV and taming complexity
> Howdy!
> We are halfway through Hotwired IV, with two days of excellent talks
> behind us and two yet to come!
> Meanwhile the Time Domain working group mailing list has grown by 25% in
> the past few days to 124 people reading this.  We have the blessing of IAU
> Commission 5 (overseers of FITS, IVOA, etc.) to formalize the working
> group, and the encouragement of the IAU Exec to carry this forward past the
> General Assembly.
> This WG is the Cheshire Cat’s smile that will remain when Hotwired IV is
> done.
> Rachel and Eric hosted a rousing discussion session last evening after a
> solid VOEvent tutorial by John and Tim. Inherent in that word “rousing” is
> precisely the type of conversation that has to occur between astronomers
> from various disciplines on the one hand, and hardware and software
> engineers on the other.  Our hope is that tda_wg at timedomainastronomy.net
> will become the forum for such ongoing discussions.
> For just one example, astronomers want a simple user interface overlaying
> complex time domain science. Andy presented an excellent outline of the
> various components of a complete system for the purpose. This is, in fact,
> the system many in attendance have been working to build over many years.
> And it maps almost exactly to the purpose of Hot-wiring the Transient
> Universe :-)
> The complexity is inherent in the astronomical community and in the many
> different flavors of time domain science.  I think several of the supernova
> talks yesterday demonstrated the resulting knotty problems remarkably
> well.  To tame the complexity requires data formats like VOEvent, software
> like Comet, and hardware like our remarkable telescopes, generously
> sprinkled with computers, robots and fiber optic links.  More than that it
> requires lots and lots of communication and community planning.
> In short, the O/IR System discussed in the recent NRC report requires
> system engineering:
> http://www.nap.edu/catalog/21722/optimizing-the-us-ground-based-optical-and-infrared-astronomy-system
> (Others can address funding.)
> I am delighted at the many great presentations the past two days and look
> forward to many more.  We owe a debt of gratitude to LCOGT, especially
> Rachel, for hosting Hotwired IV.  Others can attest it ain’t easy!
> Rob Seaman
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