[TDA_wg] On collecting supernova spectra

Jerod Parrent jparrent at lcogt.net
Tue May 19 10:05:39 EDT 2015


I would happily support such a white paper on the issues you outlined. The
name server sounds ideal. Below is a comment about collecting and locating
spectra of supernovae.

>    6)  Archiving data / querying databases
>    7.

The Weizmann Interactive Supernova data Repository (WISeREP) seems to be
working alright for the latest classification spectra from various surveys.
However, literature data is sometimes uploaded in pieces, if at all, and a
fair amount of [old and new] data remain MIA.

When it comes to publishing supernova spectra, AAS journals are currently
interested in requiring authors to upload a tarball.gz of their data, along
with the figures and manuscript. I am told this would happen sometime after
the up-coming transition.

I suggest that ascii files of wavelength and f_lambda be made available to
the public through the journals, where the observer-frame spectrum would
not be corrected for host-reddening. An example file handle format could be
SNname_type_bibref_dateobs*_*wavelength_*epoch*.flm. I imagine the AAS
journals will embed a link to the spectra, within or alongside the paper.
You may consider recommending that all journals follow a similar practice.
Ideally WISeREP would improve their collection efforts, however you may
also consider soliciting for the construction of a working spectrum
archive. The folks that built SNEx know what they are doing, and model
spectra need a database as much as observations.

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