[TDA_wg] member list for Time Domain WG

Rob Seaman seaman at noao.edu
Thu May 28 15:24:13 EDT 2015


We are catching up with member requests that have arrived over the past few weeks (up about 25%) and this list should be current:

	http://timedomainastronomy.net/members.html <http://timedomainastronomy.net/members.html>

Please let me know if your name is missing, or you have a different preferred spelling or usage (or if the national affiliation is wrong).  Names of current IAU members have been passed on to be added to the official web page:

	http://www.iau.org/science/scientific_bodies/working_groups/219/members/ <http://www.iau.org/science/scientific_bodies/working_groups/219/members/>

New IAU members and associates will be added there after the GA.

Thanks for your interest in the WG, please let others know we are open for business,

Rob Seaman
Chair, IAU Div B Comm 5 WG Time Domain Astronomy
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