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Rob Seaman seaman at lpl.arizona.edu
Fri Oct 23 10:18:26 EDT 2015

Hello Time Domain WG members,

This is an update on activities in the IAU TDA Working Group:

1) The first round of announcements are going out for Hot-wiring the Transient Universe V, to be held at Villanova University near Philadelphia from 10-14 October 2016. Andrej Prša will be our host. In addition to sessions on topics in time domain science and engineering, we are also planning a hack-day. For details watch this spot:

http://hotwireduniverse.org <http://hotwireduniverse.org/>

2) Elizabeth Griffin is leading the effort to organize an IAU symposium for 2017, Southern Horizons in Time Domain Astronomy. The Letter of Intent has been submitted and a proposal is underway. Patrick Woudt of the University of Cape Town heads the LOC and we are currently looking at dates in November of 2017. A follow-on to the highly successful IAUS 285 (http://tinyurl.com/oh4ccfl <http://tinyurl.com/oh4ccfl>), the several imminent southern time domain surveys and follow-up facilities will be a particular focus.

3) A formal request is pending to reconstitute the WG at the divisional level. The broader charter of Div B (Facilities and Technologies, as well as Data Science) will be a better match to the breadth of the time domain. We are grateful to Comm-5 for providing us with a home prior to the 2015 GA, and several of us retain responsibilities under its successor, C.B2.

4) A reminder that this mailing list (tda_wg at timedomainastronomy.net <mailto:tda_wg at timedomainastronomy.net>) is available for general discussions pertaining to the time domain. In creating both the WG and the mailing list, a hope has been to provide a permanent forum to host rich discussions as at Hotwired and other time domain meetings.

5) In return this will provide the means for contacting researchers interested in attending future such meetings. We ask your help in collecting and correcting information on upcoming time domain meetings and other TDA resources:

http://timedomainastronomy.net/resources.html#meetings <http://timedomainastronomy.net/resources.html#meetings>

Thanks for your time!

Rob Seaman
Catalina Sky Survey, LPL

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