[TDA_wg] Science of Time, registration is open

Rob Seaman seaman at lpl.arizona.edu
Wed Feb 10 11:20:44 EST 2016

Early registration has opened for The Science of Time to be held on the Harvard campus from 5-9 June 2016:


On 10 June there will also be a special tour of the Harvard Scientific Instrument Collection. The program should have plenty to interest anybody who has received this message. We have a strong slate of invited speakers and welcome contributed abstracts on diverse topics of “Time in Astronomy & Society, Past, Present and Future”. This will range from the latest in atomic chronometry to keeping time using pulsars in deep space to how to build a clock that will keep accurate time for 10,000 years. Topics in the great diversity of Time Domain Astronomy are particularly encouraged to explore the wide range of purposes time serves in our science.

Please forward this announcement to any interested parties.

Rob Seaman
Catalina Sky Survey
and Network Time Foundation

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