[TDA_wg] IAU GA splinter meeting for TDA WG

Rob Seaman seaman at noao.edu
Tue Jun 16 14:29:54 EDT 2015

Hi Prajval,

> I think the legwork to continue as a WG under B2 can be done right away.

We’re trying, but they don’t seem to have defined the process yet.  Maybe after the Commission elections.

> The SM can be used for the invaluable face-to-face discussions.

By all means!

> I suggest discussing (a) incubation of conferences for 2017 AND 2018,

And 2015B and 2016, for that matter.  The WG meeting list is:

	http://timedomainastronomy.net/resources.html#meetings <http://timedomainastronomy.net/resources.html#meetings>

WG members are invited to submit meetings of interest to TDA, and most certainly to involve the WG early on when organizing new meetings such as Hotwired V for 2016 and Southern Horizons for 2017.

> (b) evaluation of the web portal,

The current web page was always intended as an interim way to gather content. I would not use the word “portal” ;-) We can certainly also start talking about ways to improve online TDA resources before the GA.

> and (c) mechanisms for promoting intellectual exchange on methodologies with other ogranisations.

Indeed and one might go further to suggest investigating possible operational collaboration on TDA infrastructure tying together observatories and universities. For example, LSST has assumed from day one that the community would provide brokers to route VOEvent packets containing millions (or tens of millions) of nightly LSST alerts to users worldwide. A number of WG members are familiar with the vicissitudes that have been encountered. Which is to say that methodologies apply to systems that connect disparate organizations, not just best practices within each.

> Also, just a clarification: are these emails also going to the new will-be members of the IAU who we know are interested in the TDA WG?

Yes. Membership on the mailing list is operationally distinct from formal membership in the WG. We anticipate a large number of new IAU members after the GA, and can also proceed at that point to arrange for associate status for any remaining non-members. (At least, that’s how the current rules work.)


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